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Welcome to the Here to Help Directory
Edition 2 Published by Halton & St Helens Voluntary and Community Action


We are delighted to present this second edition of Here to Help directory of voluntary and community organisations that work in ways that support the health and wellbeing of local people.

Many of these organisations are primarily concerned with addressing the issues and experiences around illness and disability or helping people through the aftermath of an injury or unwelcome diagnosis. For others, while health is not their reason for existing, they have seen how the work they do promotes wellbeing and enables individuals, families and communities to get so much more out of life.

This venture has been funded by NHS Halton and St.Helens in partnership with St Helens Council

This is the regularly updated, fully searchable and easy to navigate version of a hard copy directory that is produced annually.


All the information in this catalogue has been gathered and presented in good faith. mThe organisational profile information is not designed to replace robust commissioning and tendering processes and should always be checked prior to the granting of any contract. Information was current at the time of going to press (March 2012), however, will change over time due to the dynamic and responsive nature of the voluntary and community sector. All aspects of the design and presentation of this catalogue are the intellectual property of Halton and St Helens Voluntary and Community Action. The catalogue may not be reproduced, even in part, without prior written permission. The content of this catalogue may contain inaccuracies and typographical errors and Halton and St Helens Voluntary and Community Action do not warrant the accuracy, reliability and completeness of any such information.

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